Design Department 1

Design DepartmentA very strong design room as a support for forging as well as High pressure die casting. State-of-the-art CAD / CAM infrastructure for 3D modelling, NC tool path generation to accelerate response time in developing new parts. High-end CAM software, like "DEL-CAM", "UG-NX" for generating NC tool paths for high-speed die cutting and "NC SPEED" for tool path optimization to reduce turnaround time in die manufacturing.

Tool Room Facilities2

Tool Room Facilities, Design DepartmentTool Room facilities under single roof has wide spectrums of sophisticated Machines include conventional lathe CNC Machines, Milling Machines, VMC. Machines with CAM machining which can cater to forging and high pressure Die Casting requirements Our Tool and Die Manufacturing Facility follows world-class quality standards.

Circular Saw Machine3

Circular Saw MachineRange - Ø25 to Ø80 mm -2 Nos.
Fully Automatic CNC controlled Circular Saw Machine, to fulfil high cutting requirement for forging shop. Circular Saw Machine gives cutting with precision accuracy which gives better quality forging. This Fully Automatic Circular Saw Machine is highly demanded for its high performance, maintenance & hassle-free operations.

Band Saw Cutting Machine4

Band Saw Cutting MachineRange - Ø20 to Ø40 mm - 3 Nos.
We Have High Speed Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine for range Ø20 to Ø240 for forging shop. with the support of 4" Shearing Machine .

Drop Hammer5

Drop HammerCapacity - 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 Ton - 3 Nos. Induction Billet Heater 200 KW - 2 Nos. Trimming Press Capacity - 200 Ton - 3 Nos.
Forging - Over the years Rui Steel India has created world-class capacities and capabilities. Our forging facilities consists of forgings Drop Hammer lines of 1.0T, 1.5 T & 2.0T. with the support of Induction Heaters &Trimming Presses. All the forging lines are highly flexible, which gives the company inherent advantage to simultaneously meet different customer demands and optimize production. This allows us to meet the growing demands of customers continuously. The facility is supported by well-equipped and modern tool room, standard room, metallurgical lab, design & process facilities. Added to these are our flawless inspection and testing facilities that further take manufacturing standards to level of excellence.

Shot Blasting Machine6

Shot Blasting Machine2 Varients For Steel & Alluminium
We have in house shot blasting machines for both steel and aluminium components. Also the strong team for fettling which covers 500 tons for steel and 50 tons for aluminium parts.

Coining Press7

Coining PressCapacity - 250 Ton - 1 Nos.

High Pressure Die Casting Machine8

High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Coining PressCapacity - Capacity - 400 Ton , - 01 Nos.
We have a 400 Ton capacity High pressure die casting machine installed in 2011. The product weight varies from 0.4 Kg to 3.0 kg with a production capacity 50 tons/month. We are supplying aluminum parts with full finish machining.

VMC Machine9

VMC Machine Range - 600 X 450 X 500 mm - 14 Nos.
We have 14 Nos. of VMCs in our shop. Also in that 3 nos. with 4th axis attachment. We have in house Spline rolling, Honing & balancing facilities required as per the product requirement.

CNC Machine9

CNC Machine Range - Upto Ø320 X 500 mm - 13 Nos.
We have CNC machines in our shop, to do very precise work, along with the strong production team.

CNC Granding Machine10

CNC Granding Machine Range - Upto Ø3200 X 400 mm - 4 Nos.
We have 4 Nos of CNC grinding machines for multiple diameter grinding at a time along with inprocess Gauging (Marposs).

Conventional Machining Setup 11

Conventional Machining Setup We have a Strong backup of conventional setup as below.
• Lathes - 9 Nos.
• Milling Machines - 3 Nos.
• Drilling machines - 5 Nos.
• Tapping machines - 2 Nos.
• Surface Grinding Machines - 2 Nos.
• Cy. Grinding Machines - 3 Nos.
• Center less Grinding Machine -1 No.
• Broaching Machines - 3 Nos.
• Spline Rolling Machine - 2 No.
• Horizontal Honing Machine- 3 No.
• Thread Rolling Machine 1 No.
• Hobbing Machine - 5 No.
• Duplex Grinding Machine -1 No.

Leak Testing Machine 12

Leak Testing Machine Range - 1 to 10 Bar - 2 Nos.
We have Leak Testing facility for engine parts.

Laser Marking Machine 12

Laser Marking Machine 2 Nos Machine
We have Laser Marking Machine as well as dot peen marking macine to control traceability of parts

Hydro-Pneumatic Press 13

Hydro-Pneumatic Press Range 6 To 25 Ton- 4 Nos
We have Hydro-Pneumatic Press for pressing sub assemblies equipped with load v/s deflection attachment

Induction Hardening Machine 14

Induction Hardening Machine

Power - 100 KW Frequency -20 KHz - 3 Nos.
We have inhouse CNC induction hardening machine used for various types of Axles , shafts & Forks. We have 100 KW, double station Induction Hardening Machine which fulfill our critical requirement.

Testing Facilities15

Testing Facilities

Rui Steel India Pvt. Ltd.
have a state-of-the-art advanced testing facility approved by OEM's for validation of various components to ensure a higher and consistent level of quality. An unparalleled commitment to quality for more than 10 years has always kept Rui Steel India rendering invaluable service to its patrons in terms of quality & reliability, we are ever on the quest for improvement & excellence. With a well-organized, qualified & professional team, we are all set to meet the technological challenges of the 21 st century. We have a strong quality team along with the instruments. We have the following major-quality instrument which we use to measure quality of products

Testing Facilities - Magna Flux, Demagnetiser16

Magna Flux, Demagnetiser

We have a Magna Flux Machine for crack Detection & Demagnetiser machine to remove the residual magnetism of parts. We are doing crack checking 100% for forging, machining & Induction hardening parts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine17

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

We have a Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine.

Shot Peening Machine18

Shot Peening Machine, Peening Machine

We have a Shot Peening Machine.